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Nuristan Beauty Black Cotton Dress

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Antique, hand embroidered cotton tunic with masterful silk embroidery from the Nuristan area of southern Afghanistan. The Nuristani (also Nooristani) dresses are world renown for their godets and godets in godets that make for flowing skirts. One size (usually on the larger side). Dry clean only. This one is in very good condition.


Antique, hand embroidered cotton tunic with masterful silk embroidery from the Nuristan area of southern Afghanistan. Nuristan is an area along the mountains of Afghanistan’s southern and Pakistan’s northwestern borders. The people who live in these highlands are called Nuristan’s in Afghanistan and Chitralis is Pakistan. Legends say that the Nuristan’s are remnants of Alexander the Great’s armies. However, the Nuristani language and culture, bare no traces of the Greek language. Likewise, the lifestyle and art of the Nuristan’s show no Greek roots. A better and more appropriate view might be to consider them original Arian or Indo-European settlers from Afghanistan’s northeast. Mostly untouched by outside influences, the Nuristan culture remained in isolation for centuries. The Nuristan women wear some of the most elegant tunics and long gowns the world has ever seen. These women like to wear many strands of colorful glass beads and headed jewelry around their necks. Nomad style has an awesome collection of genuine Nuristan tunics, dresses and shirts that are sure to add luxury into your everyday style.

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