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Nomad Style proudly presents eclectic wool, wooden and metal accents from around Central and South Asia for your home. These accents have been collected and curated by Nooria Farhad over the last 5 years as she strolled through the villages and the bazaars of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, Laos and Thailand.

What makes our collection of decor accents unique and desirable is the simple fact that we refuse to buy anything that is meant to be a decor accent. We only buy pieces that were made for a utilitarian purpose, a long time ago. Lifestyle and technology changes have rendered most of these items obsolete. Our collection includes copper bowls, pots, urns, boxes, wooden utensils and bowls, musical instrunments, windows, shelving, architectural elements, mirror frames, brass samovans, old porcelain bowls, teapots and cups, brass oil lamps, cotton and wooltent bands, as well as furs and leathers.

When you acquire a decor item from Nomad Style, you will become the proud owner of a piece of the culture and history of distant, exotic lands.

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-----Who We Are-----

Nomad Style is the premier provider of one of a kind genuine, hand- made articles of clothing, embroidered textiles, jewelry, beads and artifacts from Central Asia, Afghanistan and beyond. We ensure to only procure responsibly produced, environmentally friendly items that pay fair wages to the producers and artisans. By acquiring our products, you will not only contribute to the well- being of women who do not have many income opportunities, but will also help protect the environment.

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