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Welcome to the debut edition of Nomad Style Blog. We decided to lunch this journal because our valued customers have so many questions about the textiles, trims, beads and jewelry that we purvey, as well as about the place from where these fantastic items originate. They also want to know the fabulous cultures that give birth to such artifacts, and the craftswomen and craftsmen whose meticulous attention to detail, along with incredible dexterity, sense of color and attention to detail produces these unique and hard to find pieces.

In the coming weeks and months, we will showcase some rare finds and tell you how these articles have come to be. We will explain dyeing,weaving, and embroidery techniques, while at the some time going into the symbolism and the cultural traditions that require the crafting of such amazingly attractive objects. We will also tell you about the exciting trips of the nomad duo, Nooria and Asad Farhad to far off, exotic corners of the world in search of hard to find, unique, vintage, tribal and cultural artifacts. Before we do that, a little background information about the founder and the creative force behind Nomad Style. Nooria A.Farhad.

A nomad's travels go back to the days when life was simpler, and the world had not heard of the names like, Islamic terrorism, the Taliban, Isis, ISIL, Karzai and Ashraf Ghani. Afghanistan was a laid back, peaceful country, where almost everyone minded their own business. In Kabul, the capital of this serene, idyllic country a little baby girl with a jet black curly hair, big bright eyes and happy smily face was born to a middle class family. They named her Nooria (full of light), similar of spanish Lucy, Lucille. She was the shining, bright light of her family. She grew up doing the things that little Afghan girls did. Along the way, she came to know how to appreciate the way of the Afghan Pashtun nomadics who camped in the vicinity of her home in western Kabul.

The nomad women in their magnificent gowns, walking majestically and with elan would come into Nooria's family compound to fetch water from the municipal tap. Nooria found herself waiting for the nomad women and maidens to knock on the compound door. She was mesmerized by these beautiful women and their jingling silver jewelry. She even told her grandmother that she wished to be a nomad woman when she grew up. Her grandmother told her, "Child, if you knew how hard the nomad women's lives were, you would never make that wish." Years later, she met the man who promised to treat her as a princess forever. After the wedding, they moved to the United States where her husband went to graduate school in upstate New York. There her fascination with nomadic articles found a small outlet in a different seasonal festivals in and arround Albany, NY. Later, they moved to southern California where she went to work for an insurance company as a medical claims examiner. This was 1979. Some twenty two years later her love affair with all things nomadic and tribal was re-kindled when the insurance company she was working for decided to close shop in California and move to Arizona.

Nooria and her husband decided to go on a around the world trip where she encountered her long buried passion for the tribal art objects of Afghan Pashtun nomads. So, Nooria decided that working for a corporation was no longer attractive to her, and thus Nomad Stye, the company was born. Today, Nomad Style operates out of a large warehouse located in the Los Angeles suburb of Signal Hill. Nooria still, personally travels to far away places like Laos, Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, india and Afghanistan to procure hard to find, tribal artifacts and offer them to her clients and customers at fair market prices. Nomad style is dedicated to women's empowerment and they pay fair market prices to the women from whom they buy their goods. Nooria says,” Every piece that I buy in the impoverished tribal areas of Asia puts bread on a family's table.

We are proud of you Nooria

-----Who We Are-----

Nomad Style is the premier provider of one of a kind genuine, hand- made articles of clothing, embroidered textiles, jewelry, beads and artifacts from Central Asia, Afghanistan and beyond. We ensure to only procure responsibly produced, environmentally friendly items that pay fair wages to the producers and artisans. By acquiring our products, you will not only contribute to the well- being of women who do not have many income opportunities, but will also help protect the environment.

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