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If there ever were a place where one could feel the thrill of browsing through soaks of Marrakesh, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, The Chicken Street in Kabul, the Red Fort in New Delhi, or the Shinwari Market in Peshawar all at once, it would be the Nomad Style showroom. Here we have collected the most eclectic collection of authentic tribal jewelry anywhere.

Nomad style Jewelry

We have genuine Pashtun nomad bracelets, bangles, rings, and necklaces from southern Afghanistan. we have Silver and white metal bracelets, necklaces, and pendants from northern Afghanistan. Fantastic Sindhi and Punjabi Jewelry from Pakistan. Awesome beads and necklaces, rings and bracelets from India's fascinating hill tribes. Silver jewelry from Thaliand and Laos. 

We have selected each piece with the careful eyes of connoiseur jewelry curators and procurers. Our emphasis is on the craftsmanship, historical relevance, cultural value, and rarity of the items we select. We stay away from mass produced replicas that are made out of tin and gilded with silver. 

From Nomad Style you will only receive the genuine article.


Afghan Nomad Jewelry

-----Who We Are-----

Nomad Style is the premier provider of one of a kind genuine, hand- made articles of clothing, embroidered textiles, jewelry, beads and artifacts from Central Asia, Afghanistan and beyond. We ensure to only procure responsibly produced, environmentally friendly items that pay fair wages to the producers and artisans. By acquiring our products, you will not only contribute to the well- being of women who do not have many income opportunities, but will also help protect the environment.

------Contact Us------

1 (714) 234-5698

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2633 E 28th St #614 Signal Hill, CA 90755

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