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Untied to the land, unfettered by national borders, unheeding to political differences, nomads of the world move freely thru vast regions of the earth in search of pastures, firewood and water. Theirs is a hard existence dedicated to eking mere sustenance out of the often unyielding and unforgiving land.

As they roam the land just like their ancestors have done for countless millennia, the nomads become attuned to nature and its awesome beauty. They observe the glory of the dawn and the majesty of the sunset in their captivating splendor. They come to recognize the different shades, hues and varieties of color in a way no one else can.

From the meadows and valleys of Afghanistan to the deserts of India’s Rajasthan, to the oases of Arabia, to the sands and savannahs of Africa, nomads of the world share a unique sense of beauty. This perspective is reflected in the jewelry, weavings, textiles and the costumes of the nomads.

Hi: My name is Nooria Farhad. I was born and raised in Afghanistan; that eternal land of awe inspiring beauty, craftsmanship, culture and wisdom.. As a little, curious girl in my homeland, I had the good fortune to observe the Afghan nomads up close; from a proximate and personal vantage.Nooria, Nomad Style Ethnic, Afghan dresses and Textiles

I used to watch nomad women at work and at leisure. Their colorful costumes and their festive jewelry would mesmerize me. This fascination with nomads, their clothing, their jewelry and their lifestyle continued well into my adulthood. I was fortunate to meet and marry a man who shared my passion for the Afghan culture, its art and its artifacts. In the mid – nineteen seventies, my husband and I moved to the United States where I was able to re-kindle my love affair with all things nomadic.

My diverse background in collecting, design and styling began with a stint in fashion illustration design courses, which led me to the love of jewelry making. I began traveling to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Far East to buy ethnic beads and jewelry parts for use in creating one of a kind, exotic necklaces; I also began to collect rare ethnic textiles, embroideries and costumes.

Today, Nomad Style operates out of a gallery/warehouse in the city of Signal Hill (straddling Los Angeles and Orange counties.) I am proud to say that Nomad Style is the premier purveyor of ethnic textiles, weavings, jewelry and fashions from Afghanistan, Central and South East Asia. In addition, we offer our own interpretations of tribal and vintage clothing of the vast area that stretches from Afghanistan to Central Asia, to the shores of the Indian Ocean, to the tropical jungles and hills of South-east Asia.

I take vintage embroidered pieces that originate from the tribal cultures of Pashtuns, Hazaras, Uzbeks. Turkomans (some say Turkmens) and the Baluchis of Afghanistan, Central Asia and Pakistan, as well as ethnic pieces from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam to produce modern versions of Afghan dress such as: Afghan nomad dresses, Pashtun dresses, Pashtun nomad dresses, Afghan tribal dresses, Afghan wedding dresses, traditional Afghan tribal dresses, Hmong and Baluch clothing , tribal apparel and tribal and ethnic dance apparel.

I accessorize these tribal or tribal looking contemporary dresses with authentic tribal jewelry such as vintage tribal and ethnic necklaces, belts, earrings, bracelets, tiaras and more.

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-----Who We Are-----

Nomad Style is the premier provider of one of a kind genuine, hand- made articles of clothing, embroidered textiles, jewelry, beads and artifacts from Central Asia, Afghanistan and beyond. We ensure to only procure responsibly produced, environmentally friendly items that pay fair wages to the producers and artisans. By acquiring our products, you will not only contribute to the well- being of women who do not have many income opportunities, but will also help protect the environment.

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2633 E 28th St #614 Signal Hill, CA 90755

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